10 Survey Websites to Boost your Travel Funds

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I’m going to be completely honest right now, I’m broke….

I only make enough money to get by each month. And since I’m such a big wanderlust at heart I’m always wanting to be somewhere I’m not. That doesn’t make it very easy for me when all I’m thinking about is catching the next flight to some foreign country.

So I did tons of research to try and find companies/ websites where you can make a couple extra dollars every week or so. And I found some survey companies, I signed up or ALOT of them. Some are a hit and miss and some you can actually make some money off of.

Of course doing surveys isn’t a quick get rich thing but if you keep up at it and just let the money add up there’s a good chance you could make a couple thousand a year by doing surveys. And that money can all go to your travel account!

Below are 10 survey websites that has worked out the best for me. Now remind you I just started doing these surveys a couple weeks ago, but I have made a couple of extra bucks already.


Swagbucks–  One of the most used survey sites there is. You can do anything like watch videos, browse the internet, take surveys, shop online and play games. The pay out is a choice between PayPal or redeem gift cards.

Click here and get $5 just for signing up.

Opinion OutPost–  Opinion OutPost is looking for people to share their opinion on tons of different surveys. I like this company because they send you email daily of new surveys you can take.

Global Test Market–  Offers a lot of different things you can do to earn money like watch videos, complete offers, and take surveys. Pay out is PayPal or gift cards.

Cash Crate– Cash Crate was one of the first survey website I tried out. Similar to Swagbucks  there is tons of stuff you can do to make money like watch videos, complete offers, online shopping and more. You get $1.00 just for completing your profile! Payout is PayPal.

Click here to sign up today

InboxDollars– Take surveys, surf the web, shop online, watch videos, complete offers and they even have coupons for shopping! InboxDollars has tons of ways to make a couple extra bucks.

PineCone Research- I love this website because mostly every survey I have taken has been $3 each. They send you emails when a survey is available and you can even get sent a product to test out.  The payout is PayPal, gift cards or they have sweepstakes you can enter.

Click here to sign up today

Vindale Research-  A good thing about this website is the sign up is quick and easy. There are tons of surveys to take each day and the site is very user friendly and simple. It’s a great way to take surveys in your spare time since it’s quick and easy to use.

Click here to get $2.00 just for signing up

Springboard America– You must live in the US to be eligible to take surveys on this website. They have some of the highest paying surveys and the site is very user friendly. You can even participate in focus groups too.

Toluna- A newbie to the online world this site allows you to create your own polls and opinions. You can test products, and complete surveys. Payout is PayPal or choose from tons of different gift cards.

Paid Viewpoint- One of my favorite survey sites because when you sign up you don’t have to answer tons of questions to see what surveys you qualify for. They also make it easy for you because once you start taking surveys they use TraitScore to help you find surveys that you qualify for. Usually you only get one survey per day and their quick.

Have you try any survey website before? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Online surveys and product reviews are always something I forget about! It seems like a fun way to make some extra money, and not too time consuming either! Do you feel like you get spammed with email at all, with these programs?

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