5 Must Do’s in Tulum, Mexico

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I saw this picture scrolling through Pinterest and fell in love at first sight. Tulum, Mexico, a little piece of paradise about 90 minutes from Cancun. It’s a hot spot for artists, bohemians, and everyone in between. The beaches are breathtaking and the food is incredible!

We visited Tulum at the end of March which is one of their busiest times but we weren’t overwhelmed with groups of tourists . We spent less than $4,000 for the whole trip, which to me was inexpensive giving the fact it was a peak season and our hotel was right on the beach! There are tons of things to do in Tulum, the town is close to a couple of different Mayan ruins. The best way to get around town is on a bike, yes a bike! Their very cheap about $8 a day and most hotels offer free bike rentals when staying there. We stayed for 6 days so we weren’t able to  do everything, so I made a list of 5 things we did that I believe is a must do while in Tulum.

  1. Visit the Tulum ruins– These ruins are right off the coast of the Caribbean sea and their beautiful! We rode bikes to the them and it took about 30 minutes from our hotel. Which was a beautiful ride there, you could also take a taxi to the ruins for a small amount.

  2. Antojitos la Chiapaneca– Their al pastor tacos are to die for!! And their only .70 cents! This restaurant is located in town and is only open at night. Everything about the restaurant is very authentic.

  3. Muyil ruins– we did a guided tour to these ruins which was also inexpensive, you could also visit these ruins by yourself. The Muyil ruins are literally in the middle of the jungle and nobody really knows about them. It was just our tour group while we were there which made the experience even better.

  4. Sian Ka’an Reserve– It is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Muyil ruins are located within the reserve, this was apart of our tour but there are different tours for the reserve. We did the ruins plus floating down a Mayan canal. They have a couple different tours, but if you would love to get lost in the jungle ( not literally) then I suggest doing the ruins/ canal float tour. We did the ruins plus float because I just had to float down an ancient man made canal! All we used was our life vests to sit on and we just floated for around 30 minutes, it was so peaceful.

  5. Safari- safari is a open air restaurant, there was literally only 5 tables and there was no electrically only candlelight. All the food was made in an silver vintage RV. It’s not as popular as some of the other restaurants but if your looking for something different this place will do the trick.


Of course there are tons of other things to do, we were limited to our days so we couldn’t fit everything into our vacation. Some other recommendations would be:

  • Visit some cenotes, which are fresh water sink holes in the middle of the jungle, some good ones close to Tulum are Grand Cenote and Dos Ojos , there are tons of them around Tulum but those two are the most popular. I definitely  will be going to one when I go back to Tulum.
  • Go to the Coba ruin these were the ruins I planned on going to see before I discovered Muyil. Their about 40 mintues outside of Tulum, you could book a guided tour, use a rental, take the bus or take a taxi to get to them. They also are in the middle of the jungle and you can also climb the largest ruin in the Yucatan.
  • Visit Chichen Itza one of the seven wonders of the world and the most visited ruins in Mexico. We didn’t want to do these ruins because of how popular they were but I would still like to visit these ruins one day. Their about 2 hours from Tulum, I would say a guided tour would be best for this. Most tours for Chechen Itza include something else like a visit to a connote or another ruin site.
  • Eat at Hartwood people swear this is the best place to eat while in Tulum. Its hard to get into, you can only get in with reservations which you can only do the day you would like to eat there so I’m pretty sure the wait list is a mile long.  They say the atmosphere and food are amazing.


Have you ever been to Tulum?  Or anywhere in Mexico?

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