A Guide to Chicago Museums

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Chicago has some pretty awesome museums. If your planning for a trip to Chicago or your just a local looking for something to do, this list will hit right on spot for what your looking for.

There are plenty of things to do while in Chicago, but no trip is complete without visiting at least one of these great museums.


Field Museum

This fun museum is a natural history museum. From walking through a ancient Egyptian tomb to looking at Sue the most largest and complete T.Rex everyone will have a good time. Some other exhibits are Africa, Pacific Spirits, Evolving Planet, Underground Adventure and tons more! They also have 3D movies and a play lab for kids where they can dig for dinosaur bones or dress up as animals.

Basic Admission- Adults $22.00

                             Children- $15.00

Museum of Science & Industry

If your a lover of science this a great museum to go to. They have tons of exhibits from chemistry to the solar system, there’s so much you can learn at this museum. The Whispering Gallery is a exhibit where you can investigate the focus of sound by sending a tiny whisper. Swiss Jolly Ball is where you can see the largest pin ball machine! Earth revealed is where you can get up close to Earth. At the exhibit Science Storms you ca experiment with  several different natural phenomena’s like lighting, tornados, fire and avalanches.

Basic admission- Adults- $ 18.00

                                  Children- $ 11.00

Shedd Aquarium

At the Shedd Aquarium you’ll be able to see tons of beautiful and interesting fish and underwater creatures. They offer shows with beluga whales, dolphins and otters! And you can eat while watching them swim in the Polar Play Zone. Take a walk around the huge fish tank of the Caribbean Reef. Explore all the exotic fish of the Amazon in the Amazon Rising exhibit, you’ll see piranhas and a anaconda! Waters of the World you can see fish from all over the world from Asia, Africa, and South America. They also have a special exhibit called Amphibians where you can see all types of frogs.

Basic Admission- Adults $ 30.95


Art Institute of Chicago

For all the art lovers out there this is the place for you! The Art Institute offers tons of beautiful paintings and portraits to look at. They are always adding different exhibits to look at. Some exhibits currently there are Whistler’s Mother, Modern Velvet, Abstract Experiments, and Takuma Nakahira. A great way to spend a relaxing day out.

Basic Admission- Adults $ 14.00

Children- Free

Adler Planetarium

Learn all about outer space at the Alder Planetarium. The newest exhibit Chasing Eclipses is where you can feel what a actual total solar eclipses feels like. Other exhibits are Our Solar System where you learn all about the solar system, The Universe where you learn how the universe grew, Astronomy Culture where you can learn about the history of people that invented different types of tools to study the stars, and Planet Explorers for the little ones.

Basic Admission- Adults $ 12.00

Children- $8.00

There are plenty more museums in Chicago, these are just a few and the most popular. Have you ever been to one of these museums? 

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