Dream Destination- Tikal, Guatemala

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It’s Dream Destination Thursday!

If your new to the blog every other Thursday I post a dream destination I would love to visit one day. I decided to do this not just to keep track of the places I would like to go but to inspire people to get out and explore this beautiful world we live in!
This week dream destination is Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal has been one of my top three places I would love to visit for a while now! If you ever been or seen pictures I think you can understand why. Another reason why I think I’m so intrigued by this amazing place is because people say it is one of the most spiritually places on this earth!

Tikal is located in the middle of the jungle in Northern Guatemala. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, formally called Yax Mutal to the Mayans that once lived there. Some facts about Tikal:

  • The central part of the city contains around 3,000 buildings alone!
  • Tikal was one of the greatest cities of the Mayan world, with over 100,000 people living there at one point.
  • Mayans started settling there around 900 BC
  • There are 6 main temples each all more than 40 meters high!
  • It’s estimated that about only 30% of temples and structures are unearthed in Tikal.

The temples alone are fascinating enough but since Tikal is so deep in the jungle your bound to see tons of different wildlife  walking from temple to temple. There’s up to 333 different species of birds alone! There’s also two small museums located on the site. One is the Stelae Museum which is a project to rescue important stelae from the natural elements and the other museum is the Sylvannus G. Morley Museum which holds a reconstruction of the tomb of Ha Sawa Chaan K’wail.

How to Get There

The closest major city to Tikal is Flores. There’s also a little town called El Remate that’s very close to Tikal. Another popular city tourists stay in while visiting Tikal is Belize City which is about 3 hours away. Whichever one you decide to stay in, they all pretty much have the same types of transportation to get to Tikal.

  • You can book a tour from one of these cities
  • Take a bus, which would be the cheapest way but also the longest up to an 8 hour drive
  • Rent a car for the day
  • Take a collectivo which would take about 2 hours.


You can stay inside the park at one of these hotels

  • Jungle Lodge
  • Hotel Tikal Inn
  • Hotel Jaguar Inn

El Remate has a couple of hotels to choose from

  • Hotel Mon Ami
  • Hotel Sun Breeze

Since Flores is the most popular city tourists stay in there are tons of hotels to choose from

  • Hotel Casana del Lago
  • Hotel Casa Amelia
  • Hotel Peten


Staying at one of the hotels in the park, most of them offer either a sunset tour or sunrise tour or both

  • Sunrise tour you get to climb one of the temples to watch the sun come up
  • Sunset tour is a more relaxed tour where you get to watch the sky come alive from one of the temples in the main plaza

If your staying in Flores, Belize City, El Remate or anywhere else in Guatemala there are tons of different tour companies you can choose from. Most offer transportation and lunch.

Have you ever visited Tikal before?





9 responses to “Dream Destination- Tikal, Guatemala

  1. Girl you do your research! I feel like I don’t have this much information when I’m actually planning a trip somewhere 🙂 This place sounds amazing, and I think it’s a great idea to post dream destinations in addition to places you’ve been.

  2. Ava

    It’s easy to see why this is one of your top dream destinations. One of my most memorable trips was to Chichen Itza in Mexico so I’m sure I would love this.

  3. Love how thorough this is! Your pics are so beautiful & it definitely is a dream destination. I like how you listed hotels, too, because that can be the toughest thing to find sometimes.

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