How to Travel for Free

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When people think of travel they automatically think you need loads of money to do it. Well that’s not true at all, there are tons of ways you can travel for really cheap or even free! The opportunities are out there you just need to be willing to do them. I put together a list for you all on ways you can travel for cheap or for free! Most of these you could do with your kids.

House sit– House sitting is a great way to travel for free. You get the comfort of being in an actual home instead of some hotel or hostel. There’s plenty of websites you can fill out applications on some are or even try

Teach English– offers you to get a certificate take you can do online or in person. Sometimes you don’t even need a certificate as long as your native language is English you can score a job overseas.

Volunteer– Most volunteer programs charge an amount to enter the program but if you research good enough there are some that you can do for free. Some websites for volunteer programs are

Casual work– offer work exchange for housing or food. You can do this at hostels or if your not staying at a hostel you can go out and look for casual work within the city your in. There are also websites where people post work in different countries like or

WWOOF– World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, this is similar to casual work. You get free housing and food for working a couple hours a day on an organic farm in different countries.

Couch surfing– this may not be ideal if you have kids, but it’s a great way to travel for free if its just you. There websites just of couch surfing like

Swap houses– You can only do this if you own a house of course. But you can swap your house with someone else house in an country. is where you can go to fill out an application an I believe there is a one time fee for it.

Credit Cards– Stock up on your flight miles on any of your credit cards to get free flights. If you don’t have any credit cards find ones that have good flight mile rewards. Transportation is usually the most expensive while traveling.

Car pulling/ hitch hiking– Another I would suggest not doing with kids. A lot of backpackers do this and they get place to place in different countries for free. Its not the safest way, always trust your instinct.

Work on a cruise ship– you can apply to work on a cruise ship during the summer or anytime of the year. This is a great way to see a good amount of places while getting paid. If you have kids they may allow you to bring them with.


Have you travelled for free, if so how did you do it? Or have you ever thought to travel for free?


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