How We Save $600 a Month

Posted March 9, 2017 by Olivia in Saving Money / 3 Comments

About 3 months ago we decided to cut back on a lot of our spending, especially things we felt like we didn’t need to spend money on in the first place. At first we thought it would be hard to start living a frugal lifestyle but the more we do it the easier it gets. Last month we saved $600! So our goal for the rest of the year is to save $600 a month and that will equal $5,400 for the year! Our goal is to save $30,000 to be able to quite our jobs and travel. We still got a ways to go but we are determined to reach our goal.

Here are some of the things we did to save money

Cut our own hair– I have been cutting my own hair for a while now so I got pretty good at doing it. The boys use a hair clipper of their hair. This saves us a good $40 a month just by doing this.

We don’t eat out–ย  I love to cook! We probably haven’t been to a restaurant since December, but it saves us a whole lot of money.

Don’t pay forย cable– We only pay for Netflix which is $9.99 a month. It offers tons of shows and movies for the kids and great shows for adults as well.

No nail salon– I love getting my nails done and I used to get them done every two weeks. But I stopped and now I do them myself. My daughter and I will have our own little “spa day” where we do our feet and nails.

Put money into savings– Every paycheck we transfer a amount to our savings.

No Car note– I believe not having a car note helps us save a lot of money. It just feels like a extra expense when you can find a good used car for a great amount. We do pay car insurance though which we are looking into to trying to get it lowered.

Air dry our laundry–ย  I save a good $20 a week by not going to the laundry mat. We only have a washer so I wash them at home and hang them up to dry. It also lowers the gas bill.

We stopped buying gas station snacks– This was a hard one especially with the kids. It’s easy to go to the gas station and buy a dollar bag of chips or a candy bar but it can equal up to you spending a lot more money than you think even if you do it once a week.

Grocery Shopping once a week– This works good for me because each week I give myself a budget for groceries. I buy enough food to last the week and I usually go to the store that has the best sales for that week.

Unplug everything– This is something new were trying, we try to unplug things we are not using. I unplug a couple of things in the morning while everybody is out of the house. It helps to lower the electric bill.


Have you thought about living a more frugal lifestyle?



3 responses to “How We Save $600 a Month

  1. Olivia, girl I did not realize you are a mother! That’s an amazing goal and you did such a great job saving!!! Can’t wait to follow you on your adventures. xoxo

  2. I love these tips! We cut way back on eating out several years ago to save money. My husband learned how to make all kinds of things and now we never miss it. Why would we spend a ton of money on food we can make better at home? Many of our friends don’t get it but they won’t take the time to learn how to cook. Thank you for sharing!

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